Vote Early Vote Often Vote Tactically

Episode 65 · 3 December 2019 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

Brexit flowchart hero and EU Twitter legend Jon Worth joins Chris this week to take a deeper dive into tactical voting in the UK's general election - where is a tactical vote needed, how to work out where a tactical vote should go, and what might happen? All in the service of depriving Boris Johnson of a working majority and so keeping our hopes of remaining in the EU alive. Jon and Chris also reflect on their experiences of living and working in the EU and observing the way other EU countries do politics differently, and ask how the UK might do things better, why its EU membership seems to have had so little impact, and yes the 'f' word crops up. Federalism, that is.

If you want to take Jon up on his offer of a personalised tactical voting recommendation, please get in touch with him via his blog or on Twitter where he is @jonworth.

Jon's tactical voting guide can be found here.

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