Tanja drops the C-bomb

Episode 26 · 4 October 2018 · 1 hr 46 mins

About this Episode

Warning: this episode includes very strong language (I mean, read the title) - listener discretion is advised (not one for teatime with the kids)

Awesome citizen rights campaigner Tanja Bueltmann co-hosts this week's episode as we talk about her work on behalf of EU27 citizens in the UK, what it's like being a constant target of online and offline harrassment, why we should reclaim the c-word, and what we think of the Tory party conference.

Christopher Kissane's article for the Irish Times on how historical nonsense underpins the UK's Brexit floundering.

Tanja tells her story in this Twitter thread

Tanja came onto the podcast to talk about the abuse she receives constantly simply for being who she is and for asserting her right to be who she is. And this is what happens. If you are reading this and you think stories of abuse are exaggerated, because you don't get much, walk a mile in Tanja's shoes.

Please support EU Citizens Champion. We don't make any money at all from this podcast, and we never will, but if you feel you want to give something back, please give generously to Tanja's work here. Thank you.

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