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Steve - @guitarmoog - and Chris - @ottocrat - investigate cakeism: the philosophy of having your cake and eating it, as preached and practised by the British government in its approach to Brexit. Each week, we explore the latest developments as we head towards Brexit and spend time wading through the weeds from the perspective of two long-standing Brussels and UK government insiders. Our aim: to inform you, our listeners, about EU realities and so, hopefully, to equip you to spot lies and to thwart attempts to manipulate you. There may be swearing. We are regularly joined by guests and occasionally by special guest co-hosts.

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  • Bonus: Ask Cakewatch 3a

    24 February 2018  |  17 mins 5 secs
    brexit, eu, eu politics, european union, uk politics

    Episode 3a bonus material - Ask Cakewatch

  • Episode 2: He got the EU lurgie

    14 February 2018  |  58 mins 45 secs
    brexit, eu, european union, uk politics

    Steve and Chris discuss Brexit transition.

  • Episode 1: The Pilot. "Very rarely are people dicks"

    6 February 2018  |  43 mins 22 secs
    brexit, eu, european union, uk politics

    Steve and Chris record a pilot of their new podcast, CakeWatch. Issues covered: Nadine Dorries and misogyny; a weaponised civil service; Customs Union cakeism; the BBC; and #lieoftheweek coffee protectionism.