More Joy in Heaven

Episode 53 · 15 May 2019 · 1 hr 25 mins

About this Episode

Andy voted Remain but was not particularly engaged in politics. But something prompted him to become an activist and launch a huge and growing grassroots campaign providing a platform for people who voted Leave, but regret it, to challenge the Westminster orthodoxy that "the people have spoken". It's OK to change your mind, and Andy wants to make sure that regretful Leavers understand that. We talk to Andy about his activism, and we also continue where we left off last week on party politics, party loyalties, and the European elections. Plus Chris finally does his homework on the Spitzenkandidat procedure.

The article in PMP magazine referred to by Andy, in which former eurosceptic Andy (different Andy) explains his Damascene conversion, as heard on James O'Brien's radio show.

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