Centrist Unicorn Hunt

Episode 64 · 19 November 2019 · 58 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

Steve studied moral philosophy. (So did Chris but he doesn't get a word in edgeways.) We look at the ethics of tactical voting in the 2019 general election, and why you should hold your nose and vote for a candidate from a party you might not endorse as a party of government. Not just because you want to Remain in the EU, but also because you want to avert a catastrophic Johnson majority and engineer a situation where your first and second order goals might, just might, see the light of day.

Network Vote want your help to get the "unheard third" of the vote out.

Jon Worth's blog is your one-stop-shop to help you decide how to use your precious vote. You can find out where you are voting, whether you should vote tactically, and what the key tactical voting sites are recommending you should do with your vote.

Jon Worth's practical guide to tactical voting

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